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MX-12 PSA Pro “Ladies” Sporting guns now in stock!

MX-12 PSA Pro “Ladies” Sporting guns now in stock!

We have just received from Italy the first two Perazzi MX12 PSA Pro “Ladies” Sporting guns. These special custom guns were designed by Pacific Sporting Arms to satisfy the needs of the many female shooters taking up our sport. Stocks were designed and fitted with shorter LOP, more twist and cast to better fit the female shooter. Barrels made in special 31″ fixed chokes and 30 3/4″ choke tubed barrels with 4mm raised ribs, 7mm wide to keep the balance correct. Choke tubed barrels will come standard with Extreme Titanium chokes for lighter weight and optimum performance. Special Pacific Sporting Arms “Quail” logo on the bottom of the receiver. These guns can be special ordered and custom fitted to each shooter. We are also making a line of custom Perazzi Pacific Sporting Arms Pro guns for men. Custom ordered and fitted to assure the Perfect Perazzi. These are exclusive Perazzi’s only available through Pacific Sporting Arms. Call us today at 626 633-1002 for the details!





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