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Krieghoff Shotguns


H.Krieghoff of Ulm, Germany, which was founded as Sempert & Krieghoff in 1886, had been producing European hunting guns for more than sixty years when the company explored the opportunity in the late fifties and early sixties to add competition shotguns to its line. Today, the Model 32 and K-80, and lately the twenty bore K-20, have made Krieghoff a household name among gun connoisseurs in the United States.


In Europe and other parts of the world, the Krieghoff name is mainly associated with fine hunting guns such as drillings and double rifles. Known as a maker of drillings for many decades, Krieghoff’s Classic Double Rifle has now made its mark in the big game hunter community. From drillings to rifles and shotguns, Krieghoff products will continue to evolve and improve, as they have for more than a century.


Krieghoff will remain the best gun you can shoot, whatever your game.


Dieter and Phil Krieghoff represent the fourth and fifth generation of the Krieghoff family, continuing a tradition of more than 125 years of quality gun making.


Krieghoff International, the sole and exclusive importer of Krieghoff firearms in the United States, sells its products through a network of authorized Krieghoff dealers.


Founded by Dieter Krieghoff, Krieghoff International is responsible for all Krieghoff sales in the western hemisphere. Our company has office, warehouse, and shop facilities in Bucks County, located in the eastern part of Pennsylvania. A highly skilled staff is dedicated to helping our customers with all of their Krieghoff needs.


The commitment to our customers is best summed up by Dieter Krieghoff.


“Although we distribute our products through a network of carefully selected dealers, my staff and I remain involved with and committed to the shooting sports. It has long been a Krieghoff family tradition and now a Krieghoff International corporate philosophy to listen to the customers. More than 126 years of experience has taught us that the best ideas for innovation and improvement in our products come from the people who know them best – the hunters and shooters.”