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Sako Finland


Established in 1921, Sako has a varied and eventful history. First created to build and service firearms for the Civil Guard in Finland, the company played a key role in Finland’s struggle for survival during the storms of the WWII. Later the company grew through focusing on production excellence, honouring its dedicated craftsmen and personnel, and providing innovative solutions to shooters’ emerging needs.


For decades Sako has developed world-class military, target and hunting rifles, as well as cartridges. By integrating its knowledge of both the rifle and cartridge production, Sako brand can offer a shooter the unique advantages of uncompromising accuracy and reliability. Alongside Beretta and its unique firearms traditions that reach all the way to the year 1526, Sako looks ahead more confidently than ever. We proudly carry on the rifle manufacturing knowledge and skills, with the utmost respect towards the surrounding nature. We put our trust to a future that shines bright to all of us.


Sako has come a long way since the humble beginning. Today our design department is fully computerized, all steel parts are made by the latest state of the art CNC machining. Some things have not changed: we inspect barrels by human eye, and we shoot every rifle manually with proof rounds and for accuracy. All of our rifles comply with C.I.P & SAAMI requirements.


In the turn of the Millenium, Sako became an honored member of the Beretta Group. This gave Sako resources for even better product development and market response.


Model Sako 85 was developed , based on the vast experience of modernizing the bolt action rifle. Further, model A7 was developed to give hunters to purchase an entry lever first class Sako rifle. We also developed the Sako Quad, world’s first rimfire bolt action rifle, with interchangeable barrels in 4 different rimfire calibers, for small game hunters and varminters. Sako Ltd. has become a respected manufacturer of military and law-enforcement rifles. Our TRG 22/42 and Tikka TAC are in active service duty around the world. Tikka hunting rifles are made by Sako Ltd. in Finland and have many hunting friends as well.


Today our line of Sako 85 rifles is still adding an important 6th action size. 90 years Anniversary is beginning with Safari rifles in cal 450 Rigby. Accuracy, reliability and honest working rifles are our product principles. Valuable tools for real hunters!